Orbit Reinvented

Reinvent – Change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new.

As 2022 began and the promise of borders re-opening, we were faced with the task of rebuilding our business. Everyone across the world spoke of getting ‘back to how it was in 2019’… At Orbit, we didn’t simply want to return to the way things were in 2019, we wanted to take the valuable lessons learnt during this time, and build an even stronger business for our people, customers, shareholders, and suppliers. That’s why we launched Orbit Reinvent in July. This set a plan in motion to review every aspect of our business. We are determined to continue to push boundaries, improve our offering, and identify new opportunities to service our customers.

Our first key initiatives were focussed on customer experience. The 2 primary areas included resourcing and automation. We’ll continue to share how we’re reinventing our business over the coming months… thank you for continuing to partner with us, and for providing your thoughts and feedback too…

Our People

Our first priority, under Orbit Reinvent was recruitment. We retained most of our senior staff through the pandemic, with an average tenure of 10 years and an average of more than 20 years industry experience. We have and will continue to add additional resources as our business grows and our customer business’ recover.
Travel volumes have certainly increased, and continue to do so, but this hasn’t come without additional complexity in the supply chain due to demand and capacity management, not to mention an extremely small pool of experienced travel specialists remaining in this sector.

In an effort to think beyond our borders, and really put focus on our Corporate/Social Responsibility, we’ve managed to increase our servicing team with a dedicated team based in Fiji. This amazing team has extensive reservations and ticketing experience, and are already making a difference in the short period of time they’ve been on board with us. We also have the ability to quickly scale this team even further, as required.


Automation is at the heart of what we do at Orbit. We have continued to introduce automation into the business, to enhance service levels and quality control and to automate high transactional activities. Recent examples include:

Email Management Hub
Collaboration tool between customers and Orbit team, ensuring customer SLAs are met and supporting timely and transparent communication

Robotic Ticketing and Ticket Exchanger
Removes the risk of human error through quality control checks and automates ticket issuance for over 95% of all bookings including online and offline bookings

Ticket Changer Automation
Accurate and timely reissuance of tickets when bookings change, ensuring your travellers can be on their way quickly and fare re-pricing is correct

Automated Virtual Credit Cards
Automated hotel payments at the time of booking, ensuring a more streamlined experience for your travellers and secured payment for your business

Booking Queue Management
Automatic sortation and prioritisation of pending booking activities, from waitlists to ticketing deadlines, ensuring our consultants action accordingly

Travel Check
Ensure your travellers have the right documentation, vaccination and entry regulations with the ability to easily and quickly check the latest travel requirements

Automated Ticket Credit Scanning
Realtime scanning of available credits for online or offline bookings, ensuring Orbit customers can maximise spend and minimise lost credits

Automated Schedule Change Management
Airline schedule changes are identified and actioned automatically, ensuring that customers are notified appropriately with urgent changes prioritised for action.

In conjunction with our people and automation tools, we have continued to innovate our technology as part of our offering on the Orbit Enterprise Platform, like our recent release of the Sustainability Dashboards, to help drive better business decisions that have a positive impact on the environment.


Orbit World Travel takes a proactive and holistic approach to travel advisory and management, working to meet all your travel needs – no matter what they may be – so you can get the most out of every trip.

We would welcome your feedback and would love to know f you have any great ideas on what we can focus on reinventing that would assist you and your business.

At Orbit World Travel, we believe in better business, together.