Global Footprint

Connecting your business to the world

Your business needs a corporate travel partner that you can trust. A travel partner with both a local and global presence. A travel partner with the ability to take your business wherever you want to go.

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With 14 locations across Australia and New Zealand, Orbit World Travel is the largest private corporate travel company in Australasia, providing a consistent reservation system, reporting tools, online solution and customer service standard to corporate customers in both markets.

Connected across the globe

Travel Leaders Global Network

Orbit is proud to be part of the Travel Leaders Global Network. Travel Leaders has an extensive network of travel agencies in over 90 countries that assists travellers with a global footprint. It aims to bring together tools and services to provide a seamless global solution with local expertise and assistance for travellers. Travel Leaders provide services for:

  • Global travel fulfilment
  • Travel policy support and compliance
  • Risk management and duty of care
  • Access to discounts and payment management
  • Data analysis of spend and behaviour
  • Booking and mobile technology

At Orbit World Travel, we’ve established our global presence so you can too.

Duty of care

Powerful, intuitive traveller care

Caring for our client’s travellers is the highest of priorities, integral to what we do at Orbit World Travel. Our Duty of Care Management System provides up-to-date travel, health and weather alerts and advice, directly to the traveller and travel arranger, pre-trip and during your traveller’s journey. Our proprietary Orbit Care solution aggregates travel alert data globally from government bodies and other highly credentialed sources 24/7, instantly communicating with travel program managers and directly with travellers that might be affected.

duty of care

Key Features

  • Sophisticated traveller tracking –visibility to all travellers in current and future destinations, up-to-date travel alerts, easy communication including two-way SMS
  • Track your travellers anywhere in the world using either a graphical map view or route map view, and view a traveller’s full itinerary with a simple click.

Benefits to You

  • Protect employee well-being, safety and security and ensure management and organisational moral and legal obligations are met.
  • Traveller comfort and safety is ensured.
  • Peace of mind in times of emergency that travellers can be contact and made safe.

Duty of Care within Orbit Request

  • During the travel request stage the Orbit Request workflow will actively monitor selected destinations and trigger alerts based on real-time risk ratings to ensure the traveller, travel arranger and travel approver are fully aware of travel related or health risks.

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