Data and Reporting

Real Intelligence

Intelligent and dynamic charts and dashboards are provided with our Orbit Intelligence solution.  With Orbit Intelligence, you can access the latest travel data in smart dashboards that provide useful and relevant data so you can better manage your travel program.

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analyse the data
Dig into the data

Orbit Intelligence allows us to share comprehensive visual data easily and securely. We can also provide the underlying data to drill down granularly into your travel habits.

Insightful decisions

Gain visibility of your travel spend and habits, identify trends, risk areas and savings opportunities to adjust your travel policy as needed and buy smarter.

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To support best practice recommendations, we can benchmark your travel data against other Orbit clients of comparable size, industry, or travel profile.

Targeted Data

We can provide reporting for many things, but not limited to the below:

  • Market - domestic, trans-Tasman, international
  • Travel type -air, accommodation, rental cars
  • City, country or continent
  • Booking lead time
  • Car rental days
  • Online v offline bookings
  • Missed savings opportunities
  • Fare class breakdown
  • Cost of change/amendments
  • Expenditure by department, cost centre or business unit
Data and reporting


One of the best ways we can support our clients with their own sustainability journey is by providing accurate and detailed information about their travel footprint.

Orbit Enterprise provides emissions usage visuals for the Traveller, Arranger, Manager and even our own Travel Consultants.

In addition to the dynamic reporting through Orbit Enterprise, we can provide retrospective reporting on your carbon emissions and work with you on initiatives you can take across your Travel Program to reduce your Carbon Footprint.

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