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Experience the delight of the most diverse destinations around the globe and create life-long memories, while you let us worry about the details.

Through our extensive experience, our exclusive partnerships and our access to the most unique and once-in-a-lifetime luxury opportunities, your holiday will start from the minute we begin planning.

We curate and manage your discerning travel requirements to create a memorable and exclusive experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Enjoy a well-deserved luxury escape and let Orbit World Travel take care of the rest.

Discovering Bordeaux: A Timeless Escape for Discerning Travellers

Travel Blog Nestled in the heart of southwestern France, Bordeaux beckons with its unparalleled blend of history, culture, and gastronomy. For travellers seeking an enriching and luxurious escape, Bordeaux stands as a timeless destination offering a myriad of experiences to…

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virtuoso - febmar

Virtuoso The Magazine

February/March 2024

Small, memorable moments that make a trip great

Visions of Parisians kicking out jazz standards in a sweaty nightclub, the wind-whipped mane of an Icelandic horse in the Arctic Circle, and heated seats and baskets of croissants on a first-class Swiss train fill our pages.

virtuoso - web upload

Virtuoso The Magazine

November/December 2023

Trips of a lifetime and how to travel sustainably.

We believe in going far – all the way to Bhutan, in the case of Virtuoso, The Magazine’s Australia/New Zealand November cover.

Design director, Melanie Fowler, and art director, Korena Bolding, travelled to the Himalayan Kingdom in pursuit of the image. Shot by Korena on location at Six Senses Thimphu Lodge, it showcases both the country’s gorgeous traditional side and Virtuoso’s boldly contemporary mood – a fitting kickoff for this issue, focused on trips of a lifetime and how to travel sustainably.


Virtuoso The Magazine

August/September 2023

The Arts Issue

For our first-ever Arts Issue, we (mostly) skipped the museums in favour of ducking into the studios and ateliers of working artists. We met a lacquerware maker in Kyoto who combines an 11,000-year-old method and her Parisian training to create exquisite modern pieces. We spent time with a traditional Japanese paper-pattern carver who’s finding exciting new applications for his craft.

We stopped by a 200-year-old fine-jewellery workshop in Lisbon that’s still turning out tiaras but also leaning on contemporary collabs to make edgier pieces. As you page through this issue, we hope you find a feast for the eyes, a window into a world of creative feats, and a spark for future travels.