Students Music Performance Tour


Benefits of a music performance tour

Many schools are taking their student choir or orchestra on a performance tour around the world. Whether the group is taking part in a renowned Music Festival or performing in intimate surroundings to select and appreciative audiences, there are many benefits for taking your ensemble on the road.

Improve performance skills

Many students find stepping out of their comfort zone to be the thing that ignites their learning. Performing in front of an unknown audience is a challenge students take by the horns. Adapting to new techniques, performance spaces and environment, builds confidence and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Inspiration and confidence

Exposure to other performers, whether at a festival or in a local school, will give students a new perspective and boost their drive to practice and improve.

Cultural socialisation

The opportunity of performing abroad gives your students a chance to immerse themselves in the local culture, history and music art. They will share ideas and experiences with local students or other festival performers, which will not only improve their musical ability, but will also foster their growth as individuals, as they participate in different music cultures.

Bonding and Teamwork

To perform to their best ability, ensembles need to work together as a team. While travelling away from home, they look after each other and strengthen the friendship between students and teachers. This gives them additional confidence in their performance on stage.

Memorable moments

Taking part in a musical festival or a performance tour abroad will take your students musical talents to the next level. Students will feel very proud of themselves and the trip will create a lifetime memories for all participants.

With a wide range of music performance tours available, let us help you to organise the perfect music tour for your ensemble. You can choose from: choir tours, orchestra performance trips, musical festivals, performing in Disneyland, dance tours and many more.


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