Case Study

Preferred Partner Relationship Benefits

When a last minute travel disruption threatened to destroy a family vacation, Orbit World Travel used our powerful partnerships with our suppliers, to not only come to an adequate solution.... but a better outcome than was previously arranged. All at no additional cost to our customer.



Passengers arrived at Brisbane airport 2 hours prior to their flight departure to Manchester via Cairns. They were denied check-in as one of the passengers had arrived at the airport with a passport issued in her maiden name, in error, and the tickets were issued in her married name as requested.


Our Approach

Our consultant investigated later departing flights allowing enough time for the passengers to drive home and collect the correct passport, whilst also ensuring there was enough time for the connecting flight.

As there were no flights available allowing enough connecting time, our consultant used our close relationship with the airline directly and was able to rebook the passengers to a direct flight.

As our experienced team have an average of 10 years industry experience, you can count on their expertise during times of crisis and emergency.


Within one hour from the time of the first phone call from the passengers, they were reissued tickets on direct flights, with the entire family seated together in the first row and child’s meals confirmed. The passengers were relieved and ecstatic their family vacation was now back on track with no additional cost incurred.

This outcome was due to Orbit being one of Australasia’s largest travel providers. We have powerful partnerships with our suppliers, that not only provide our customers with excellent rates but also the benefits of these long-standing relationships across major airlines, hotel and car service providers. These relationships are invaluable in time of a crisis.

Plane Window

What our client had to say

"Orbit World Travel turned what could have been a complete disaster to the start of our family holiday, into a better solution than what we had to begin with. Their customer service is next level!"

Upgraded flights

Zero dollars spent

Ecstatic customer


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