Case Study

Dick Johnson Racing Team

Dick Johnson Racing Team is Australia's oldest motor racing team competing in the Supercars Championship.

djr team and car
djr team and car
djr car


The Dick Johnson Racing (DJR) Team, a dominant force in Supercars, faced challenges in managing their extensive travel schedule throughout the rigorous nine-month racing season.

With events scheduled every two to three weekends across Australia and New Zealand, coordinating travel for over 30 personnel presented logistical complexities. Additionally, the unpredictable nature of motorsport required constant changes to travel arrangements, demanding a flexible and responsive approach to travel management.

Our Approach

Recognising the unique demands of motorsport travel, Orbit World Travel established a dedicated "Supercar Hub" to cater to DJR's needs around the clock.

Leveraging our expertise and industry-leading technology, we developed a tailored approach to streamline travel logistics and accommodate last-minute changes seamlessly. Our proactive stance ensured that DJR could focus on performance on-track, knowing that their travel requirements were in capable hands.



By centralising travel management through the Supercar Hub, DJR experienced significant improvements in operational efficiency and flexibility.

Our bespoke approach to travel planning and execution enabled DJR to navigate the complexities of the racing season with ease, even in locations like Townsville, Darwin and Perth. Our unwavering commitment to meeting DJR's evolving needs, day or night, ensured uninterrupted support for their pursuit of excellence on the track.

What our client had to say

"The Supercars season hosts twelve events across Australia and New Zealand each year. In addition to racing in major capital cities, many events are held in locations like Townsville, Darwin and Perth. It makes for many logistical challenges and complexities, especially as it relates to the transit and accommodation of upwards of 30 personnel. The competitive nature of our sport demands that we forever chase performance on-track, which often requires last minute changes to our requirements despite best efforts at long term planning. Nobody understood or served our needs better than Orbit World Travel. Their bespoke approach to our travel needs ensured that from an operations perspective, we could always defer to and delegate all our change and booking needs in the assurance that they would be managed and actioned every time without issue, last-minute, day or night."

-Ryan Story, Shell V Power Racing, DJR Team

Streamlined operations with 24/7 support

Enhanced flexibility and adaptability

Increase in on-track performance focus


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