Orbit World Travel Launches Dedicated Travel Service for Anglican Schools Australia

Orbit World Travel is pleased to have been appointed to provide business travel services to the Anglican Schools Australia (ASA).

With 25 years’ experience providing travel management solutions, bespoke educational tours and a dedicated team of specialist school group consultants, Orbit World Travel is leading the way with education through travel.

In addition to the Business Travel technology and full-service consultants that are dedicated to ASA, Orbit has also been busy developing a website dedicated to servicing the travel requirements and needs for School Group Trips. Following much consultation with the Anglican Schools Commission, ASA staff and a selection of ASA schools, the website and its contents are expected to exceed expectations.

The website features set and tailor-made itineraries to a multitude of destinations under the ‘School Trips’ menu, and the ‘Teachers Resources’ menu features a range of information, documents, useful links and ideas to get your next school trip off the ground. If you’re looking for inspiration, then the ‘Blog’ and ‘Destination Guides’ are where you will find it, and if you’re unsure about anything, the ‘FAQ’ and ‘Information Sessions’ are there to guide you through every step of the tour planning process, assist in your research and preparation for the 2020 season.

The dedicated ASA website can be seen at asa.www.orbitworldtravel.com.au and we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter so you can be among the first to receive relevant information on all aspects of school travel.

Orbit World Travel’s first ASA newsletter will be sent in the coming week, introducing their team, a message from their Founding Director Lisa Story, insight into Cambodia and our blog article, “Never miss a fundraising opportunity”.

The partnership between Orbit World Travel and ASA promises to deliver unique and tailor-made student tours, inspiration and assistance, a seamless booking process, and most importantly, rewarding and life-enriching travel experiences for students of all ages.

For more information regarding Orbit World Travel and ASA, or how Orbit can tailor travel solutions for your school or business, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with our team.

Contact details for Orbit World Travel:

Educational Group Travel
T: 1300 063 280
E: asagroups@www.orbitworldtravel.com.au
W: asa.www.orbitworldtravel.com.au

Business Travel
T: 1300 378 833
E: asa@www.orbitworldtravel.com.au
W: anglicanschoolsaustralia.www.orbitworldtravel.com.au


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Published 4 March 2019