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Exploring the world together: The rise of multi-generational travel for Australian professionals

multigenerational travel

In an era where time feels increasingly scarce and family ties are sometimes stretched thin, there’s a growing trend among Australians: multi-generational travel. Beyond the traditional holiday, this trend sees families spanning several generations coming together to explore new destinations, bond over shared experiences, and create lasting memories. Balancing work and family life is often a challenge, but multi-generational travel offers a unique solution, blending relaxation, adventure, and quality time with loved ones. 

Looking back it was common for families to stay living and working close to where they grew up, so we got to see each other on a regular basis. Fast forward to today and it is not uncommon for families to be spread across several continents and countries, let alone cities, making it more difficult to maintain a strong bond. Multi-generational travel provides an opportunity to bridge these geographical gaps, allowing grandparents, parents, and children to come together in a shared space and enjoy spending time together. 

Another key factor driving the rise of multi-generational travel is the desire for shared experiences. In today’s online-connected world, material possessions often take a back seat to experiences that bring people together and create lasting connections. Travelling together offers the perfect opportunity to break away from routine and immerse ourselves somewhere other than home, all while enjoying time with family. A chance to escape the daily grind and prioritise what truly matters. 

By exposing children and grandchildren to new cultures and perspectives, parents and grandparents can help shape their worldview and foster a love of travel that will stay with them throughout their lives. Whether it’s exploring the natural beauty of the Australian outback, soaking up the sun on a tropical island, or immersing yourself in the rich history of Europe, the possibilities are endless.  

Here are a few of our suggestions that work well with multi-generational travel:  

  • Spicers Hidden Vale  

Offering up to 4 bedroom cottages. Activities on offer: Mountain Bike Tours, Wine and Cheese Tasting, Koala Safari, Market Garden Tour, Gold Panning, Tennis, Frisbee Gold, Farm Animal Feeding, Boardgames.  

  • Malaqereqere Villas, Fiji 

Offering 4 x 3 bedroom Villas set in a private location overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the Main Fijian Island, Viti Levu. Close to the Shangri-La Resort. Take the 4 Villas Exclusively for your family and use the main pool all to yourselves. Renowned for their “child friendly” carers, we can arrange your very own “kids club” for lots of fun for the little ones.  

For the active family after a little adventure;  

  • Vietnam adventure, including a relaxed beach stop, your own Junk boat cruising through the magnificent Halong Bay and a bike ride through the countryside. Options for home stays can add an additional cultural experience for the family.  
  • Ski Japan, there are amazing ski resorts in Japan. With a range of fully inclusive options covering all meals, open bar, kids club, entertainment. Fun for all ages.  
  • European Sojourn, the European River cruise is such a great way to travel. Unpack once and experience the magic, nature, art and history as you immerse yourself into Europe. Certain cruise lines offer special cruises where they cater for “generational” travel including unique experiences for this kids.   

Planning a multi-generational trip comes with its own set of challenges. From coordinating schedules and accommodations, to catering to the diverse interests and needs of family members, there are many factors to consider. However, with careful planning and communication, the rewards far outweigh the challenges. With our experience, let Orbit World Travel work with you to create an itinerary that balances relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion, ensuring everyone has a memorable and enjoyable experience. There are so many options, call our team of holiday travel experts to help plan a trip so that everyone has something to look forward to this year 

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