At Orbit, we strongly believe in the power of technology to help drive better business decisions that have a positive impact on the environment.

While Orbit World Travel’s corporate colours may be enriched with red, thanks to Kudos Travel Technology the power behind the Orbit Enterprise platform, we are closer than ever to a colour on the opposite of the spectrum – green.

Sustainability Dashboards

Aligning with our client’s sustainability goals, Orbit Enterprise can now provide emissions usage visuals for the Traveller, Arranger, Manager and even our own Travel Consultants.

Powered by Thrust Carbon’s market-leading methodologies which extend far beyond air travel, creating a significant point of difference with the impact of hotel stays and car travel.

This is measured by individuals, departments and overall business.  Additional functionality enables corporations to compare their carbon footprint with other similar industries.

Carbon Footprint Reporting

In addition to the dynamic reporting through Orbit Enterprise, we can provide retrospective reporting on your Carbon Footprint and work with you on initiatives you can take across your travel program to reduce your carbon footprint.

For further information on Orbit World Travel’s management solutions, including Orbit Enterprise, please contact sales@orbitworldtravel, or call 1800 067 819.