Choosing a Volunteer Experience


Volunteering overseas is one of the best ways for students to gain an out- of classroom educational experience while helping others in a positive way. Also known as “service learning”, volunteering abroad is now one of the most popular forms of student travel as it allows the volunteer to gain a rich cultural experience, which cannot be provided by a usual travel experience. With more and more schools requiring students to gain volunteering experience, it is important that you find the right program for your students.

Safety is our first priority. We ensure your students will participate in tasks with no injury risks. If something unfortunate happens such as illness or injury, we offer 24/7 emergency support in Australia and your host country. We have a very comprehensive Emergency Response Plan, which is immediately activated in the event of a crisis.

Preparation is an important part of travel.  What do you need to bring? Do you need vaccinations? How can you communicate with home? Are there any cultural issues you should be aware of? These are some of many questions relating to preparation that we are going to answer for you.

Support will be provided to all students and teachers while organising the tour and more importantly while in a host country. You will receive information and training to enable you to comfortably settle in and the instructions to effectively and safely participate in the volunteering program. Our local guides will be at your service at the time helping at the accommodation with rooms and meals, meeting with local school representatives and host families and organising free-time activities and sightseeing’s.

Fun is part of everyone’s life and no matter how challenging and demanding the volunteer work we always allow some fun time. There will be free time to learn about your surroundings, relax and try local food.

Learning on these tours is mutual. It is not only giving to the local community, but also a personal development for students, as they learn new skills, follow directions and work in a challenging environment. Through many activities and workshops with the locals, students will strengthen their communication and leadership skills. In conclusion, volunteer programs will positively change student’s perspective of the World.


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