Case Study

Savings and Security for FIFO Client

A leading Energy Services and Infrastructure company needed to ensure accommodation for their FIFO staff was secure and affordable.

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case study


Our client's team of Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) workers encountered difficulties in securing suitable accommodation while traveling to remote regional sites.

While standard hotel accommodation sufficed for the majority of travellers, last-minute shift changes presented a significant challenge in terms of both availability and cost.

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Our Approach

To address this challenge, we conducted a thorough analysis of our client's project and permanent site locations. By examining various accommodation options, we identified the need for a more sustainable solution to ensure consistent access to quality accommodation.


Our proposed solution involved securing a rental property, thereby mitigating the issues of availability and cost associated with last-minute shift changes.

By renting a centrally located 3-bedroom property in Victoria for $550 per week, we successfully reduced the average nightly rate from $220 to below $80.

With a total expenditure of $57,200 for 260 nights in standard accommodation, the rental property provided significant savings, totalling $28,000.

After factoring in the cost of furnishing the property and employing a weekly cleaning service, our client still realised savings exceeding $15,000 for the year.

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What our client had to say

"We were impressed with the innovative solution Orbit World Travel provided for our accommodation challenges with our FIFO workers. They are able to manage a high volume of bookings and last minute changes seamlessly."

Nightly rate reduced from $220 to $80

Savings = $28,000

Secure and safe accommodation


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