Case Study

Diploma Healthcare Group ANZ

Diploma Healthcare Group ANZ is the hospital and laboratory full-service distribution partner of choice for specialty medical device, surgical equipment and diagnostic/pathology suppliers seeking value-added commercial access to established healthcare markets. Their annual travel spend is approximately $350,000 and includes a mix of domestic and international. Diploma Healthcare Group is a global company with offices in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and Canada.

diploma medical distribution
diploma medical distribution

The Challenge

Prior to engaging Orbit World Travel’s services, Diploma Healthcare Group booked their domestic and international travel with separate offline travel consultants and hotels with a variety of suppliers. Travellers, bookers and travel managers were accustomed to booking their own travel through their preferred means and using their favoured suppliers.

Multiple booking channels created reporting and accounting challenges.

The Solution

Unlike traditional TMCs, Orbit World Travel utilises single platform technology meaning all functions; domestic/international air, hotel, car bookings, reporting and policy tools are managed in the one system. This one platform is used by travellers, bookers, travel managers and Orbit World Travel consultants alike, negating the need for numerous support channels. Each customer has one single profile resulting in centralised and easily accessible information.

Orbit World Travel’s Implementation team was highly focused on providing change management solutions so that all Diploma Healthcare Group employees were aware of the changes to their travel booking processes and policies and trained on the relevant tools. Diploma Healthcare Group elected for communications to be sent to their employees directly internally so that everyone clearly understood the new process for booking travel.

Training sessions were held for travellers, travel bookers and travel managers. Where possible they were carried out face to face or otherwise via live WebEx sessions.


Centralised all travel bookings

100% adoption rate among travellers

Increased Savings for Diploma Healthcare Group

Compliance to our travel policy increased significantly


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  • Streamline your Corporate Travel Management
  • Seamless from Approval to Booking
  • Risk management integration & expense management
  • Personalised to your company
  • Clever ticket credit management
  • Access to all the travel data you require