Booking travel is easy, right? So why invest in someone to help?

Because it’s the smart choice.

While booking your own personal vacation could seem simple enough, organising an entire companies travel spend and itineraries is not. Business Travel is complex, time consuming and without the right skills, partnerships and systems you can loose track of staff, money and grow grey hairs very quickly.

Partnering with a Travel Management Company (TMC) is the smart way to cutting complexity, uncertainty, time and money.


1. Control

How can you control what you can’t measure? If you don’t have mandated procedures and policy in place, you’ll have more expense claims than you can handle, no meaningful management information and no cost control.

A Travel Management company has experts who can provide the advice required to establish policy and procedures to suit your culture and objectives. A TMC has technology to ensure policy is adhered to with consolidated management information; providing you with invaluable data on things such as how many bookings are being booked in policy (or more importantly out of policy!). A TMC will also provide what average rates you are achieving for your top destinations, and opportunities for program improvement.


2. Cost

While many organisations have the desire to monitor and analyse their business travel spend, in reality other pressures and commitments can often take priority. This is where the expertise of a TMC comes in.

We will work with you to help you achieve your goals – whether that be reducing your direct costs by for example, negotiating preferred supplier deals, or indirect by streamlining your internal booking and approval processes.

Whatever your goals may be, your Client Relationship Manager will be on hand to help and provide recommendations to drive cost benefits across your organisation.


3. Care

Do you know where your travellers are? This may be tricky to answer when the bookings have been made with various suppliers and Internet sites. We hear the travel stories, and it happens! People literally loose staff overseas! Whether it’s the next domestic or international emergency situation, or simply that you urgently need to know where a specific traveller is, this is where a TMC will be of help.

TMC’s have instant access to this information and most have a crisis management team in place to deal with emergencies. WTP’s proprietary travel management platform houses traveler tracking technology that gives the client the ability to track traveller locations and broadcast messages to them via text or emails.

While it is unfortunate that the need for such tools is on the increase, it is comforting to know your TMC can provide such valuable support in the welfare of your travellers.

At World Travel Professionals, we are here to help you take the stress out of travel and get you back to running your business.

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