When it comes to the culture of your company, the health of your team determines your future success in collaboration, innovation and retention.

It cannot be underestimated how important a great team is to your business success.

The first half of a great team is the assembly of great people who submit to a healthy company culture. The second half of a great team is the art and science of motivating your team members to continue flourishing, more importantly; flourishing together coherently as one unified body.

Connected team = motivated team

The reason team building is so successful is because it relies heavily on connection.

A connected team equals a motivated team, as discussed in this Harvard Business School publication. Team building uplifts vital key goals that your employees are seeking from their work: Equity, Achievement and Camaraderie.

“Almost all employees (93%) who reported feeling valued said that they are motivated to do their best at work.” – APA

Research from the American Physiological Association (APA) found that team building activities can help employees feel valued, helping motivate them to continue doing greater work in their role.

Here are a few reasons team building is important to your company and culture:

– Enables better communication

– Motivates and inspires
– Promotes creativity
– Breaks the barrier (disconnect) between people
– Develops problem solving and critical thinking skills
– Increases collaboration

Would you invest?

Are you prepared to invest in a team building initiative or incentive that brings your employees together? We encourage you to take your employees out of the office environment and into a new environment designed for team building.

Here at World Travel Professionals, we invest in our employees through a myriad of ways – one of which is the annual conference. From team building activities to location and accomodation that we choose to help ensure employees also relax, and the content from speakers we select to inspire and inject new creativity and innovative thinking – we cover all bases, to ensure our employees are left feeling motivated and energised!

The quality of the work your company produces is connected to the quality of the collective team behind it. Team building is essentially a healthy investment in ensuring future growth of both your business and your employees working for it.

Strengthening your staff

Did you know we offer team building services? We have a dedicated team that specialises in corporate incentives, group travel and team building initiatives.

Our team building programs are designed to get people doing something creative together. It’s rewarding, exciting and results focused. Your team can embrace the creative worlds of music, theatre, design, film making, or take to the streets in any city of the world for an “Amazing Race” experience.

For those who prefer a more physical challenge, team games such as Mini Olympics involve team bonding with fun exclusive outdoor games. Whatever the initiative is, we’re ready to help your business succeed through a team building program or event that is rewarding to your staff culture, productivity and success.

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