For many organisations, travel for business has been put on hold since the outbreak of COVID-19, while for many others, it has been business as usual – albeit with some minor adjustments.  Restarting your travel programs in such a way that aligns with your company objectives and keeps your travellers safe is where executives should be considering change.

So does your current travel policy have the necessary checks and balances in place to ensure the wellbeing and safety of your staff? Are your approval processes protecting your business against expensive cancellation fees due to unforeseen last minute travel bans?  Is your supplier network supporting you in cost containment and duty of care?

We’ve been busy assessing market activity, keeping a close eye on the latest industry news and keenly listening to our customers to support them through change. So how can we help you?

The first step in the process is consulting with you to learn more about your travel needs and the review of your current travel policy to ensure it meets the mark. It may mean reconfiguring your Online Booking Tool and approval processes to ensure it aligns with what you now deem to be essential versus non-essential travel.  At the same time, these modifications and enhancements can protect you against expensive cancellation fees and bolster duty of care management. Introducing a pandemic clause to your policy might be another consideration and consultation with your HR and legal teams could prove beneficial to ensure you have covered all areas of risk.

It’s also time to rethink your supplier network to ensure they are supporting you to protect your travellers.  Temporarily removing hotels who are participating in the hotel quarantine program from your preferred partner portfolio is a strong consideration as is reviewing the feedback with regard to suppliers who haven’t performed well when it comes to the quick return of refunds or are at risk of insolvency.

Fortunately when it comes to ensuring duty of care of your travelers, Orbit Care allows you to view and deselect at-risk destinations while Orbit Request supports you in the international approval process to reassure you throughout the booking lifecycle.

These are potentially the most challenging times you are likely to encounter as a travel manager with a great deal of uncertainty around travel.  At Orbit, we are committed to helping our clients make the most of their travel programs, no matter the circumstances. That means providing helpful, relevant and timely information that helps companies, executives, travel managers and travellers make the best decisions.