The self-service trend is rife in the travel industry. Despite the apparent ease DIY websites provide to the traveller, they do bring complications with them as well. Discerning travel agents are arming themselves with powerful travel management software—for when clients find out that self-serve isn’t as helpful as it appears.


From Complex to Easy

A major problem with DIY systems is the issue of complex itineraries. In addition, travellers often find themselves caught up dealing with missed connections, misleading accommodation, and extra costs. Not something they want to be handling when they have an important meeting to attend. This is where a travel agent with a good travel management software comes in handy. They can ensure the travel itinerary is simple and easy to follow, that the accommodation is true value, and ensure costs are mitigated.

Duty of Care

Travel agents have to provide a duty of care by law. This safety net is not provided by non-personal services. Therefore, travel management software with efficient risk-management capabilities is vital. This alleviates security concerns associated with websites like Airbnb. It also ensures that the clients best interests are being taking care of at all times.


Business travellers rely on good communication with stakeholders. Communicating with travel suppliers is time consuming for the corporate traveller who decides to go it alone. That’s where they need a travel agent who has a smooth communication process. Efficient management software can help agents to promptly communicate itinerary changes, security information, and general correspondence with ease.


Previously travel agents have had to rely on a number of programs to manage client travel. The different programs have independent login information and operating styles. Dealing with them all is time consuming for travel agents. Consequently, consolidating all of them into one capable travel management program is a much better situation for agents. The best travel management platforms allow for the creation of tailored and personalised workflows, so agents can better service clients.


The idea of implementing or changing to new travel management software seems like a costly and time consuming investment. However, a powerful travel management programme will simplify and streamline the travel booking process. This gives agents a competitive edge, making the investment well worth it.