A few years ago, no one would believe you if you found a ticket for Brisbane to Bali for $199, or Sydney to New York for $999 return.

Now, with lower fuel surcharges, fierce competition and a drop in the Aussie Dollar, prices are becoming more affordable today than in the last thirty years, as described by travel agents.

Some of the deals these past few weeks we’ve seen have included:

  • American Airlines Sydney to New York for under $870
  • Vietnam Airlines Sydney to London for as low as $1079
  • Qantas Airlines Sydney to Hong Kong for under $700

Tristan William, Senior Aviation Analyst told the Daily Mail that prices will continue to fall.

“Ongoing competition from low-cost airlines, which will likely boost passenger numbers but weaken price, increases slowing industry revenue growth,”

The IATA also reported that worldwide, airfares fell 12 per cent last year and are expected to slide further in 2016. An ongoing slide in airfares will come from ongoing competition, mostly with low-cost carriers who are boosting passenger numbers and weakening prices.


Data from the Australian Government confirms the rise of low cost carriers. Revealing in the December 2015 report that they were up 16% from the previous year, and make up almost 18% of outbound travel. Popular low cost carriers in Australia include airlines such as Air Asia X, Jetstar Cebu Pacific and Scoot Air.

As airfares go down and the Australian average wages increase, this price relationship helps more Australian’s and their families pack their bags and capture the new opportunities to travel long-haul.

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