Orbit World travel continues to understand the need for simplicity, accuracy, and efficiency within the corporate travel space. The launch of Orbit Enterprise’s, Travel Check, will greatly assist travellers and travel planners in planning travel in the post-Covid environment. When it comes to planning travel, especially international, difficulties have always existed around visa requirements and for some destinations, vaccinations. Travelling in a post-Covid world will include added complexities for destinations as well as transit locations.

Used and trusted by a major percentage of the world’s airlines, Travel Check utilises IATA Timatic to provide document checks, visa and health requirements – including Covid tests, vaccinations and quarantine requirements.

Travel Check is designed to simplify the new era of trip planning by:

  • Using verified and accurate data from over 2,000 sources for more than 220 countries,
  • Providing an intuitive display of results with requirements clearly labelled,
  • Restoring confidence to travel by removing the need to check multiple websites, some of which may be untrusted (fake), and
  • Updates in real-time

Unlike other advisory platforms, Travel Check is a truly integrated solution, utilising the traveller’s profile information and trip destinations to provide specific travel and health advice, thus providing more accurate and reliable information.

Travel Check will fast become your trusted solution for travel requirements with its ability to provide details quickly and accurately to be able to make the right decisions easily when planning a trip.

Travel Check


Travel Check is designed to allow additional search parameters that when used, will provide more accurate travel requirements as well as include in-depth information for:

  • Entry and Transit Requirements
  • Visa Requirements
  • Vaccinations, including Covid-19 tests
  • Health
  • Quarantine Requirements

For further information on Orbit World Travel’s management solutions, including Orbit Enterprise, please contact sales@orbitworldtravel.com.au or call 1800 067 819.