2016 has been a successful year for travel app startups. With more innovation and creativity entering the app marketplace than ever before, 2016 has resulted in an array of easily accessible and useful gadgets for travel savvy consumers all across the world.

Thanks to these apps, travel has never been easier and more enjoyable. By taking care of the menial and difficult tasks, and connecting us to new people and places, travel apps give us more time and energy to explore the things we want to explore without the hassle.

 Our top travel startups for 2016


Are you new to a city? Not sure where anything is or where to go? Yelp can help! The Yelp app helps you keep track of the local businesses that are available in your immediate area. Be it a restaurant, a local bar, or shopping spots and more! A quick scroll through Yelp can put you in the right direction. It has an advanced monocle feature, which provides you with graphical reviews of local businesses when you point the camera of your phone toward the streets.

Available on: Android, iOS

Link: https://www.yelp.com.au/mobile



PackPoint is a great app for those of who struggle with packing. Most of us are guilty of over packing or under packing important items. PackPoint helps users by producing a packing list based on information you enter. These include destination, length of stay and nature of travel. The app then checks the weather against your itinerary and creates a smart packing list. This list includes your clothing, accessories and toiletries. Say goodbye to forgetfulness.

Available on: Android, iOS

Link: http://www.packpnt.com/



One of the most challenging aspects to travel is learning new languages. Being unable to communicate easily with the locals can make the difference between a wonderful trip and horrible one. This issue can be easily fixed with itranslate. The translation and dictionary app supports as many as 90 languages and different dialects. The free app comes with translation via text input. If you felt like forking out for the full version, it comes with additional features like voice recognition.

Available on: Android, iOS

Link: http://www.itranslate.com/



Do you have trouble finding cheap and affordable flights? SkyScanner is one of the most popular apps helping users all around the world find the most economical deals for travel. All you have to do is enter your destination, and it will throw you a list of flight deals, which you can compare and get your most suitable option.

Available on: Android, iOS

Link: https://www.skyscanner.com.au/mobile.html


XE Currency

XE Currency is a must for all travellers trading in foreign currencies. This currency-converting app offers you the option of comparing multiple currency rates at the same time, examining over 30,000 currency charts, and also storing the latest updated rates offline. XE Currency will keep your monetary expenditures in check ensuring you get the most out of your travel by keeping most of it in your wallet.

Available on: Android, iOS

Link: http://www.xe.com/apps/