Virtuoso Life

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Virtuoso Life is an award-winning magazine published six times a year. With a circulation of 11,000 sophisticated travelers, each issue features experiential luxury travel at its best, with tips and insight from Virtuoso advisors.


May/June 2017 Edition

Living the Suite Life

Whether you prefer intimate boutique hotels or sprawling resorts, a secluded location or one in the heart of the action, the Virtuoso portfolio of more than 1,200 preferred luxury properties worldwide never disappoints.  Inside you’ll discover the reasons we love these hotels, including the exclusive amenities you receive each time we design your stay.  In addition to your custom-fit accomodations, you receive things like complimentary upgrades, credits for dining, spa, or golf and even completely unique experiences such as learning the art of martini making from a master. The suite life extends to cruise accomodations too so you’ll also find fresh ways to set sail in this issue.

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