Ticket Credits

Ticket Credit Management

Controlling travel expenditure is a key driver for any travel program.  Ensuring that cancelled tickets and reissues are controlled effectively is essential to ensure no travel dollars are lost.

Most travel agents provide their team with an unused ticket credit report at the end of a month and the travel manager and travel arrangers are left to do their best to manage and use the ticket credits.

Our travel management platform provides real
value to our clients

  • Visibility to all ticket credits
  • Ticket credit alerts
  • Automatic updates to the OBT
  • Ticket credits can be easily used as an online booking form of payment
  • If consultant assistance is required, it’s simple to select the ticket credit and create a travel request

With our integrated solution, you always know what unused ticket credits are available, and using them is very simple and fast.
You will never lose a dollar of unused ticket credits again.

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