Dedicated Technology Team

Orbit World Travel is more than a travel management company, we are a Travel Solutions Provider.  Our technology department is a dedicated group of experienced travel and technology people.

Ask Yourself

Has your travel agent implemented the online booking tool effectively to do what your organisation wants it to do?

Was adequate training provided to your team, instilling them with confidence about the system?

Is the travel technology supported by travel consultants that are too busy handling other bookings or other staff that really don’t have enough knowledge?

These are 3 questions about travel technology solutions that generally deliver very negative responses.

We provide our clients with

  • Painless implementations based on clearly defined and proven processes
  • Project management which ensures successful adoption of the technology
  • Experienced trainers who really know the technology
  • Training that is practical delivering confidence
  • Support from dedicated experienced staff, not part timers with basic knowledge of the technology
  • Sophisticated support call system tracking support issues and resolutions

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Online Booking
We implement and support the industry leading corporate online booking system.
Request And Approve
Providing a configurable, easy to use travel request solution.
Ticket Credits
Controlling travel expenditure is key driver for any travel program. Losing unused ticket credits is unforgivable.
Profile Management
Profile system provides a functional and useable solution, allowing easy control of traveller data.