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Simply request

Creating travel requests can be a messy and time consuming exercise. It is imperative that the travel request can be created quickly and accurately so the approver and the travel agent clearly understand the travel requirements.

Our e-request system has for many years been providing travellers and travel arrangers with a configurable, easy to use travel request solution, which automatically manages the travel request based on the organisation’s desired workflow.

Organisations can have staff concentrating on doing their job and making money, not wasting time with antiquated travel booking processes.

Easy to navigate

Streamlined workflows

Progress tracking

Mobile ready

Attach documents

Integrated travel diary

Approvals made easy

Pre-trip approvals are a vital function for travellers to adhere to travel policy for many organisations.

These processes are generally inefficient, can evolve into quite a paper trail, meaning approvals can take many more hours or days than they should to be processed. Delays in approvals can mean higher airfares as ticketing time limits can pass and flights need to be rebooked.

e-request provides flexibility and speed, streamlining approvals and providing significant benefits:

  • Configurable approval process and levels
  • Automated workflow
  • Easy and fast to approve on any device
  • Approval tracking and alerts
  • Seamless integration from approval to online booking automatically capturing necessary data along the way

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