Profile Management

Orbit World Travel understands the need for simplicity, easy access to data, accuracy and efficiency.

For many organisations, managing traveller profile information is cumbersome and time consuming, with the travel agent not providing suitable technology to make this a simple process.

Our industry leading traveller profile system provides clients with a very functional and useable solution that allows them to easily control their important traveller data.

  • Easy Access to Data 24/7

  • Accurate and Efficient

  • Synchronises Profile Data

  • Personalised Pre & Post Trip

  • Integrated with Expense Management

Would your organisation benefit from a system that

  • Is easy to access on any device?
  • Manages all necessary personal information – passports, visas, memberships, preferences, emergency contacts?
  • Automatically synchronises profile data updates with the Online Booking Tool, the GDS, and the travel management system?
  • Provides integration with Expense Management Systems?
  • Is personalised so we know how to help you pre, during and post trip?

If you’re not able to manage your sensitive traveller data easily, or answered yes to any of the above , then contact our team today. We’re ready to discuss your specific needs and provide a personalised demonstration of our solutions.

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