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We’re all about streamlining the travel process and creating an enjoyable piece of technology that works with you and not against you.

Our innovative corporate travel technology combined with our incredible support team, are the perfect match for your business travel needs. Our travel management platform empowers business travellers and travel program managers from the start of the booking process throughout the journey – efficiently, intelligently and effectively saving time and money.

Profile Management

For many organisations, managing traveller profile data information is cumbersome and time consuming, with the travel agent not providing suitable technology to make this a simple process.

Orbit World Travel understands the need for simplicity, easy access to data, and accuracy.

Request & Approve

Creating travel requests can be a messy and time consuming exercise. It is imperative that the travel request can be created quickly and accurately so the approver and the travel agent clearly understand the travel requirements.

Online Booking Tool

We implement and support the industry leading corporate online booking system, Amadeus e-travel Management (AeTM).  Over 7,200 organisations globally enjoy the benefits of this extremely robust and efficient system, which handles the Australian and New Zealand market requirements with ease.

Ticket Credit Management

Controlling travel expenditure is the key driver of any travel program and ensuring that cancelled tickets and reissues are controlled effectively is essential to ensure no lost travel dollars.

Dedicated Support

Our highly experienced e-Solutions team understand the demands of the modern day traveller and are here to support our corporate travel clients.

What Our Client’s Say

Conference Management

Corporate Travel Solutions

Orbit World Travel offer the most powerful and personalised corporate travel management platform for Australian and New Zealand businesses.

We’ve developed our travel management platform continually over many years, integrating with industry leading solutions to give our clients a centralised platform. 

It’s implemented and supported by our highly experienced Technology Support staff who understand the demands of the modern day traveller.