The Best On-the-Go Video & Photo Technology for Business

The ability to produce top-quality video & photos autonomously offers a myriad of opportunities for your business. Examples range from updating websites and social media on-the-go, to showcasing product samples to your team from interstate or overseas. The latest Video & Photo Technology can give your team a competitive edge in the face of an ever changing business landscape.


Your first port of call is with your everyday Smartphone, especially if you’re a tech novice. A leader in the Smartphone area is Apple and their ever evolving iPhone range. Their latest incarnation, the iPhone 7 and 7+, has a 1.8 aperture for low light shooting; image stabilisation; and a 12-megapixel camera. Furthermore, the 7+ has a duel-camera for a shallower depth of field in photo’s. Both the 7 and 7+ have the ability to film in super high definition, 4K resolution. Any of the big name Smartphones will have good cameras though, so you can’t really go wrong.

Smartphone Lenses

Despite the quality of Smartphone cameras, there are a number of tools to give your videos and photos that extra edge. Smartphone lenses can be added to your Smartphone for even more outstanding videos and photos. The Mobi-Lens Kit consists of a fisheye, macro, and wide lens. While the ALM mCAMLITE Starter Kit provides a 37mm wide-angle/macro combo lens. Expect more powerful lenses to be released soon that provide more creative output and exceptional photo design.


It does sometimes seem impossible to achieve that perfectly-lit photograph using your iPhone. Meet Nova—a Bluetooth off-camera iPhone flash. Nova sheds light on your iPhone photos through a wireless flash, small enough to fit in your wallet. There’s also a free Nova app that provides light temperature and brightness control over the device’s 40 LEDs. Since Nova is wireless, it provides the opportunity to position and angle the light where needed. Freeing you up to take photos rich in colour and depth—perfect for shooting product ranges.

Muku Shuttr

The Muku Shuttr is a slim remote that helps you take selfies and group photos from up to 9 meters away. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Samsung Galaxy, the remote is available in three colour combinations—black/black, black/red, and white/white. Small and lightweight, the Muku Shuttr can be easily attached to your keychain. Use it on your next business trip and don’t leave anyone out of the group photo.

Wearable Cameras

The Google Glass, along with other wearables, are set to change the face of mobile photography in the future. The iON SnapCam, for example, takes amazing video and connects wirelessly to your smartphone for instant uploading. The SnapCam is less than 4cm square, weighs under 28 grams and attaches directly to your clothes. When you’re ready to shoot, just tap the SnapCam once, twice, or three times for stills, video, or live streaming. The SnapCam is the first of its kind, and it’ll change the way you capture photo and video.

DSLR Cameras

As well as photo’s, DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) cameras also produce high-quality video. The Lumix DMC-G85 gives you as much as you’d need with 4K at 30fps and full HD at 60fps. Furthermore, the camera is weather-proof, has a touchscreen for ease of use, and is Wi-Fi ready, allowing the camera to pair with a Smartphone app. Users can then view and download images, view videos, and control the majority of the camera’s core functions. Overall, the quality of images and the usability of the Lumix DMC-G85 is impressive. However, there are a multitude of DSLR cameras to choose from for similar results—video and photos to rival professional ones.