Travelling on long flights has often been a part of the holiday experience many of could live without. Thanks to new and emerging technologies however, this is all beginning to change. Whether you’re a nervous flyer, have trouble sleeping, or just in need of something to pass the time, there is a gadget out there for everyone. Here are 4 of the latest high tech products designed to make your flying experience a holiday in itself.

1. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Let’s face it, sleeping on a plane is next to impossible. One of the greatest challenges has always been the noise, especially if there is a baby on board. If this is something that consistently troubles you, you may want to consider investing in Bose Noise Cancelling headphones. Placing you in complete silence, external sound will never bother you again. When the headphones go on, the world switches off, and you can finally get some well deserved sleep.


2. This is Ground Everything Organiser

If you have trouble organising your life into a briefcase, This is Ground have you covered. With the everything organiser, you will never misplace that toothbrush or phone charger ever again.

3. Trakdot Luggage Tracker

Leaving all of your belongings in the care of an airline can be an unnerving process. Those who have had their luggage lost in transit know this feeling all too well. With the Trakdot Luggage Tracker, you can keep tabs on your luggage no matter where it is in the world. Place the device in your suitcase and watch its voyage with the corresponding app until you and your luggage are happily reunited.


4. Air Tamer

Getting sick on long flights is almost a given. Germs abound in the enclosed space of an airplane cabin. The AirTamer aids those who are sick of getting sick by purifying the air around your neck as a defense against any coughs, sniffles and sneezes you might confront on board your flight.