Capture the magic of travel … without your camera.

Every destination we visit, whether it’s local or somewhere around the globe, has its own particular visual delights, character and ambiance. And if we want photographs of our travel experiences to create positive, long- memories, then they really should capture all of these qualities and exude as much about our travel experiences as possible.

Travel photos should bring all of our sensations back, trigger memories and adeptly communicate how we felt when we at our destination to others. To do this, we need to think and feel as much as look when we attempt to take photos. And that’s where research and experience in photographing travel images in a unique timeframe comes in.

But capturing unique, quality photos while you’re travelling can be tricky. There’s the heavy equipment, the danger of camera theft, and the disappointment that comes with taking a photo only to find a complete stranger has photobombed your well-planned shot without you even realising!

That’s where businesses like Flytographer come in.

What is Flytographer?

Flytographer is a travel photography business that organises the services of friendly, professional, holiday photographers who can capture your holiday memories to perfection for you … all you have to do is turn up and smile!

Why book Flytographer?

Some holiday experiences deserve more than just selfies, and the Flytographer team have in-depth local knowledge, know about technical things like angles, lenses, lighting and framing, and have an intimate knowledge about the best spots to capture the pure essence of your destination.

Whether it be a stunning landscape shot or a photo of your family in front of an iconic site, their team also understands the unique balance between capturing just a background and making sure that the human subject matter is highlighted as well, producing photos that you’ll be proud to display for years to come.

Where do Flytographers work?

Flytographer teams are located in over 200 cities world-wide, including in Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, Central and South America and Oceania (including in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland). So no matter where you’re travelling to, they’ve pretty much got you covered.

How does Flytographer work?

 Booking a Flytographer is easy. You simply choose a photographer that suits your needs, decide how long you’d like your shoot to be, confirm your destination, make your payment and Flytographer’s concierge team will do the rest! Shoots range from half an hour in one location to two hours in multiple locations, but one hour is usually long enough to capture a range of holiday memories in a variety of backdrops.

What’s next?

 Once you’ve arrived at your destination, your Flytographer will usually give you a tour around their city and brief you on their suggestions locations before snap, snapping away.  Your photos will then be emailed to you in a beautiful online gallery, and be ready to download, share and print within five working days of your shoot!

Flytographer can perfectly capture monumental family events like proposals, anniversaries, solo adventures and once-in-a-lifetime family holidays, plus they also offer gift cards so you can surprise your loved ones with a wonderfully unique birthday, wedding or corporate gift.  As Flytographer says, the best gifts can often be as simple as just memories.


You’ve booked your photographer, now it’s time to organise the nitty-gritty details of your trip. Orbit World Travel can help you fine-tune your travel arrangements with a range of varied itineraries and optional tours that will guarantee you make the most out of your next holiday.

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