Corporate Travel Case Study - MYOB

Toll Group is one of the region’s leading providers of integrated logistics services. Comprised of 6 major operating divisions with their corporate office based in Melbourne.

One Total Solution for TOLL

In 2012, after an extensive RFP process, Toll Group appointed Orbit World Travel to manage our travel.

We needed visibility on spend and travel data, structure and consistency within the group travel programme, travel spend in supplier negotiations to be leveraged, reinforcement of the concept of “one company” with a single travel management process, ability to leverage additional spend and manage future activity and shift from a transaction based TMC arrangement to a trusted relationship.

In the past, consistency was difficult to manage with limited communication between TMCs and multiple lines of communication between supplier account managers and various Toll contacts and TMC account managers.

Ian Girvan, Group Procurement and Travel Manager

The Solution

Thanks to Orbit World Travel – our entire travel management process is consolidated. We have saved over 1.1m from negotiated airline partnerships.

They were able to provide a regional solution, which operated on a similar basis – boutique, high touch, customer focused servicing, along with the ability to work with Orbit World Travel to establish regional technology and servicing platforms and data visibility.

Orbit World Travel negotiated airline savings and the share shift strategy, which resulted in more than AUD1.1M in savings in the past 12 months. They also implemented a single, well defined hotel programme, across all major markets based on expert consultation, data analysis and comprehensive travel arranger and traveller feedback.

This resulted in consistently high compliance.

Orbit World Travel provided a number of new and improved travel technologies, including the implementation of a Travel Portal to the remaining two divisions and seven business entities in Australia.

Orbit World Travels Travel Portal was customised, co-branded and implemented for the Singapore market with the introduction of the traveller profile management by travel arrangers.

Ian Girvan, Group Procurement and Travel Manager

Structure, consistency & cost reduction

Improved booking efficiency

Strategic airline hotel partnerships

Personalised technology & visibility

Key Outcomes

Expert Solutions

Through our partnership with Orbit World Travel, we had over 90% of travel spend now managed and traceable through a single TMC partnership programme

We negotiated airline savings and a share shift strategy which resulted in more AUD1.1M in savings in the past 12 months.

We implemented a single, well defined Hotel Programme across all major markets based on expert consultation, data analysis and comprehensive Travel Arranger and Traveller feedback supported by Online Hotel Directory linked to Travel Portal resulting in consistently high compliance to programme

Customised Technology

The consolidated travel programme has been supported by a number of new or improved travel technologies provided by Orbit World Travel, which included implementation of a Travel Portal to the remaining two divisions and seven business entities in Australia – included moving travel profile management to the user end for the first time, access to Back Office reporting for account reconciliation, multi-location face-to-face training with local support.

Plus, further customisation of the Travel Portal tools based on financial reporting requirements of individual Business Entities.

Innovative and Scaleable

Orbit World Travel offered a single source travel tracking capability through OneClick for 90% of group travel. The Amadeus traveller tracking tool, “OneClick”, implemented with visibility of passenger movement from all participating countries. OneClick identifies location of any traveller subject to geographic or company hierarchy filters.

The end-user Travel Profile and Travel Arranger management across two largest markets and consistently over 95% online adoption in Australia / New Zealand where online booking is utilised.

Ian Girvan, Group Procurement and Travel Manager

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