Corporate Travel Case Studies

Mission Australia: Maximising Travel Compliance


At the previous TMC, prior to Orbit World Travel over 6 years ago, Mission Australia had been using a paper based travel request and approval system. See how we ensured travel compliance.
The manual approval system in place didn’t provide Mission Australia with any compliance or accountability.
As it was manual, it was wide open for errors, as well as lengthy delays, which resulted in missed fare savings opportunities. 

MYOB: Improving Efficiency

MYOB have a large presence, with multiple offices across Australia and New Zealand. We have over 1200 employees. We had a need for a single view of all AU/NZ travel, to improve both booking efficiency, policy adherence and single profile maintenance – to avoid double handling across multiple agencies or countries.

Orbit World Travel implemented this single source offering, I now have one log in to view all travellers, book for either country through one tool, with access to reporting detail covering both countries. 

Diploma Healthcare Group: Consolidated Travel Solution

Diploma Healthcare Group Case Study

Prior to engaging Orbit World Travel’s services, Diploma Healthcare Group booked their domestic and international travel with separate offline travel consultants and hotels with a variety of suppliers. Multiple booking channels created reporting and accounting challenges, compliance difficulties and increased expense paying full rates with suppliers.